ZAZ-965 "Zaporozhec"

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Model  ZAZ-965
Seating 4*
Curb weight, kg TOTAL 650
front axle 277
rear axle 373
Gross weight, kg TOTAL 970 
front axle 388
rear axle 582
Payload [carrying capacity] weight, kg -
Permissible [semi-]trailer weight, kg -
Length, mm 3330
Width, mm 1395
Height, mm 1450
Wheelbase, mm 2023
Track width, mm front 1144
rear 1160
Minimal ground clearance, mm 175
Minimal radius of turn, m outer wheel 5.0
outermost part 5.2
Maximum speed, km/h 80
Fuel consumption, liters/100km 5.5 @ 30 km/h
Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h, seconds -
Transmission gearbox 4 speed, floor mounted shifter
gearbox ratios 3.83/2.29/1.39/0.90/R-4.75
main gear ratio  5.12 (41 and 8 teeth)
transfer case ratio -
clutch one disc, dry
Wheels number 4 + 1
mass of each, kg 12.5 (tire and wheel assembly)
tire size 5.20-13
tire pressure, kg/cm2 1.3 front / 1.7 rear
Suspension front independent, torsion, hydraulic telescopic-type bilateral-action shock absorbers 
rear independent, springs, lever, hydraulic telescopic-type bilateral-action shock absorbers 
Steering gear cone worm and 2-ridge roller
gear ratio 17.0
Brakes braking distance, m 6.0 [from 30 km/h]
service (foot) all wheel drum type w/ hydraulic drive
parking (hand) rear wheels drum type w/ mechanical drive
Filling capacities, liters fuel tank 30 (A-74) 
engine cooling system air cooled
engine lubrication system 2.8 (if over -5C diesel oil Dp-11 with CIATIM-339 additive; if under -5C diesel oil D-8 of selective purification with VNII-NP-360 or 361 additive)
gearbox housing  2.0 (gearbox oil and steering oil; substitute auto-tractor gear oil [nigrol])
axle housing in one block with gearbox housing (see above)
steering system cylinder 0.4 (summer or winter gear oil; substitute gearbox oil and steering oil)
shock absorbers each front 0.2; each rear 0.15. use spindle oil [AU GOST 1642-50] or mix 60% transformer oil and 40% turbine oil.
hydraulic brake drive 0.40 (braking fluid)
air filter 0.09 (engine oil)
Carburetor K-123
Electric equipment 12 volts 
Accumulator battery 6ST42
Generator [alternator] G114, 13 a, 160 w
Relay-regulator RR109
Starter motor ST114; 0.6 hp
Timer-distributor R35-V
Spark plugs A7.5U
Engine** engine type MeMZ-965, 4 cylinder, 4-tact, OHV, carb., air-cooled
cylinder work order 1-2-4-3
maximum horsepower, hp 26 @ 4,000 rpm
maximum torque, Nm 5.45 @ 2,200-2,500 rpm
displacement, liters 0.887
compression ratio 6.5
bore/stroke, mm 72 / 54.5
Years of production 1963-1966 [1962-1969 ZAZ-965A]
Wheel arrangement 4 X 2
Pictures  41 KB (color, front view [131])

9 KB (color, side view [44])

27 KB (color, side view [40/41])

32 KB (color, side view, drawing [106])

51 KB (b/w, side view /w tech info [1])

17 KB (color, side view [3])

15 KB (color, side view [44])

53 KB (color, front view [44])

17 KB (b/w, front view [103])

18 KB (b/w, front view [16])

see below for many interior, engine, and detail photos


* including the driver's seat

** from 1960-1962 the engines had 66 mm bore, 23 hp, 746 cc, 4.5 kgm engines; from 1962-1966 they were upgraded to 26 hp, 72 mm bore, 5.45 kgm, 887 cc; and finally from 1966-until the end of production they were made 30 horsepower.

Engine description [110]



The following are color photos obtained from source [46]
22 KB interior view 21 KB side view 24 KB rear seat view 22 KB rear view 22 KB engine view
7 KB headlight view 5 KB control buttons view 7 KB steering wheel view 5 KB logo view 20 KB front view
8 KB rear view 22 KB side view 14 KB side view 9 KB side view 22 KB side view
9 KB driver door open view 8 KB driver door open view 10 KB passenger door open view 10 KB interior view 4 KB door/hood view
6 KB front wheel view 6 KB side vent view 21 KB radiator view 22 KB radiator view 24 KB rear view
The following 5 color photos were obtained from source [110], originally made*** by [119]
46 KB side view 30 KB front view 53 KB rear view 39 KB steering wheel view 56 KB engine view
This is Larry Claypool's [119] 1967 ZAZ-965A. Currently located in Chicago area, in good condition.

N.B. there also existed a modification of this ZAZ-965 called ZAZ-965B made for handicapped drivers. Through the years of its production, the only changes made were different air-intake opening design, the logo on the trunk and the presence of rear view mirrors mounted on front fenders on later versions..

Some hot-rod enthusiasts in Russia have made a stretch limo out of this car. (76 KB color, front view [107])

ZAZ-965, similarly to many other Soviet cars, was based on a foreign model. In this case, Fiat 600, which had a water-cooled 633 cc inline-4 engine producing 22 h.p.
(54 KB b/w, front view,  photo taken April 22, 1962 w/ Ray [153] in front of the car, in the typical Southern US background is a 1957 Chevrolet truck [Fiat-600] [153]), (7 KB color, side view [Fiat-600] [46], (25 KB color, front view [Fiat-600] [154], (17 KB color, side view [Fiat-600] [154])

This Fiat-600 was replicated in Yugoslavia as Zastava-750 [Zastava plant is better known as producer of modified Fiat-128 or Yugo] under license from Fiat. Appearance of Zastava-750 is nearly identical to that of Fiat-600. The Zastava also has the same engine as the Fiat-600, it is a 750 cc water-cooled version. (21 KB color, front view [Zastava-750] [154], 26 KB color, rear view [Zastava-750] [154])



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